Technical Info


Silchem is registered to the most current ISO quality standard ISO9000.

“It is the policy at Silchem to profitably serve our clients at a level that consistently meets or exceeds their expectations for the design and development, manufacture and supply of specialty chemical products. Silchem is totally committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and to continual improvement of the product and quality management system”


Regulations affecting your industry are complex. It is challenging to stay current regarding all the laws and regulations that affect you and your customers.

The staff in our Silchem regulatory compliance department keep in touch with the federal, state, provincial and municipal agencies ensuring our products meet all mandated  requirements including TSCA, DSL, EINECS, CONEG,FDA, Health Canada, CFIA, EPA etc.


Food Grade, Kosher, Halal

Silchem has a comprehensive range of cost effective products designed to provide performance solutions for your company.  Many of these products are FDA, Kosher, Halal, CFIA and Health Canada accepted food grade products.



Silicones have a unique chemical structure, which make them resistant to high temperature extremes, chemical attack and oxidation. These characteristics contribute to silicone's attractiveness and present many possibilities for service applications which require these unique overall attributes.

Wide Temperature Range
Whether high or low temperature, silicone products far surpass conventional organic materials. From -75ºC to 260ºC (-103ºF to +500ºF).

Chemical Inertness
Silicones are chemically inert to most common materials making them effective as mold release agents.

Low Flammability
Flash points in the range of 205ºC to 260ºC (400ºF to 500ºF) are typical for most silicone fluids.

Low Surface Tension
Silicone based anti-foams have unusually low surface tension which provides unequaled, high efficiency defoaming and high surface activity.

Silicone fluids do not contain chemicals which tend to cause corrosion or staining.

Silicone fluids typically are clear, inert, tasteless, colorless and non-hazardous.